October 22, 2009

Do You Facebook?

Every day?

All day?

Let’s talk about Facebook. Yeah, the devil. 🙂

I want you to get a pen and a paper and answer the following questions truthfully. Happy quiz! 🙂

1. Do you choose Facebook over sleep?

2. Do you spend more than an hour a day on Facebook?

3. Do you become obsessed with you old flame you reconnect with on Facebook?

4. Do you choose Facebook over work?

5. Do you get stressed and anxious every time you log out of Facebook?

Are your answers mostly yes? Ikr?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are a certified Facebook addict.

Click here to claim your price.

The impact of Facebook is really unbelievable. It’s official. There’s no doubt about it. Facebook is insanely popular. For it to grab the attention of a Joanna Lipari (a clinical psychologist from the University of Los Angeles, California) and a Dr. Michael Fenichel (a psychologist), it must be really doing “something”.

But then again, let’s not put the blame on Facebook alone. Self-control is the key, darling. 🙂

So now I wonder what’s next? SAD? (Skype Addiction Disorder) TAD? Twitter Addiction Disorder? Possible. 🙂


Great things come in small packages

October 16, 2009

I never believed in online shopping until this…

a status msg of Jean Rosz

a status msg of Jean Rosz with matching tag


After a few minutes of not replying, they commented on my status.

After a few minutes of not replying, they commented on my status.


The status msg with matching tag was followed by this private message.

Then they sent me a pm to make things a little bit formal and official.


After almost two hours of ignoring them, they posted this on my wall.

After almost two hours of ignoring them, they posted this on my wall.


After two hours of pursuing me, I succumbed to revealing my address. Aaah, the power of prseverance!

After two hours of pursuing me, I succumbed to revealing my address. Aaah, the power of perseverance!

And finally, these…

Just when I thought I got scammed.

Just when I thought I got scammed.



My prize for being a Facebook addict

My prize for being a Facebook addict

Rocking the ring

Rocking the ring

I went home late and spent last Tuesday from a hospital visit in the afternoon and a client briefing in the evening. Any person in my situation would just be too tired to catch up on his/her virtual life. The normal and usual thing to do is, of course, to immediately get a warm shower then hit the sack. But because I am a certified Facebook (FB) addict, I decided to check on my FB page first before doing the usual.

I was greeted by 56 friend requests (If I’m not mistaken) and of them was from Jean Rosz. The other 53 were from some random people so technically; I only had 3 new friend requests then. The profile picture suggests that they use the account for their online retail business. Seeing that constructing a connection to them won’t hurt me, I clicked on the confirm button. They can do their business on my page and I get unaffected—the law of commensalism works for me, anyway. “I can just simply ignore their posts,” I thought to myself.

Online Paranoia

I really do not believe in online shopping because for one, the net is a haven for soul-less and abusive scammers. The growing number of online scammers lurking around the net is just plain scary. I haven’t been a victim, though (and  I really don’t wanna be one) but for me, online shopping is really hella scary. Second, I would want to see the real thing before making a purchase. I am very particular to details so unless it’s Chanel or Dior that guarantees excellent quality, I’m not buying. Given the said reasons, I’d rather tire myself to Greenhills and Galleria (my fave shopping places) than take an online risk. I’m paranoid like that. 🙂 And I have to stick to my motto, Safety First. 🙂

So now you wonder why I gave away my address to someone I do not know. Actually, until now I couldn’t find a logical reason why I did that. (I’m just happy that Jean Rosz is not a scammer, far from it. :)) Maybe it was woman’s instinct? Well, if it really was the reason, I’m happy that it kicked at the most appropriate time. 🙂

Protect yourself from being a victim. Here’s a rundown of some tips from someone who hasn’t been a victim of any online scam. Copy her techniques at your risk. 😀

1. Project a Don’t-bitch-with-the-bitch image online. Image is important. Aaah, how many times do I have to say that? 🙂 Send people the message that you are online smart and that they can’t make a victim out of you.

2. Scrutinize their online reputation. Read up their comments, replies, and posts. This way you can spot if the comments are scripted.

3. Ask around and research. Some friends may be patronizing online shops so they may be the best opinion leaders on spotting scammers. Doing some research wouldn’t hurt. Some online shops have media partners and checking this aspect might help. I once learned the credibility of an online dress shop via the Cosmopolitan magazine.


Online shopping can be dangerous, but only to those who are not online smart. I am not saying this because I got something from Jean Rosz. Well, that’s one thing. 🙂 I am saying this because some friends actually score some great deal online. It’s just a matter of knowing who to trust. In my case, it’s all about instinct. But of course, you can’t rely on it all the time.

To Jean Rosz

Thanks for the ring and I apologize for acting so paranoid at first. Now you know why I was like that. Good luck to you and your business and I hope that this blog post will do you and your business some good. 🙂 Aaand, I love the ring!!! How did you know that I love rings? 🙂

To Jean Rosz’s potential clients

Guys, it’s just matter of who to trust. Jean Rosz’s products are really cool! Just check on their FB page and let the products do the talking. 🙂



October 14, 2009

istariray final na final

So how do you immortalize YOU?

Barely a month ago in our advertising class, we were asked by our professor to design the book covers of our autobiographies. Being the adobe-phobic (just a term I playfully coined) that I always am, I responded with a slightly heavy heart.

But thank God for Microsoft Publisher 2007!!! Armed with stock photos from getty image, corbis, deviantart, and google images, I was able to strut my stuff. Because of that experience I learned the importance of resourcefulness. 🙂 My book cover may not be the best but I am so proud of it because it’s a product of a gargantuan amount of time and effort. And now, I am thankful that we were given the chance of designing our very own book cover ’cause by doing so, I was able to reflect on my personality. I was able to ask myself who I really was, what I really wanted to be… Oh no. Now, I’m getting emo.

Now moving on to the concept. I am fun-loving gal who loves kikay stuff and all (just look at the title :)), so I picture my book cover to in pink (the kikay color). Also, I want to reach a wide range of audience so I decided to tell my story in Filipino. 🙂 The book is an easy read with lots of pictures to make it a little more interesting.

I really hope to learn Photoshop STAT.

So for some guys out there who is adobe-phobic like me, fret no more. There are other programs out there that are just waiting to be used and discovered. Quoting Professor Ardivilla, “It’s not about the weapon, it’s about the warrior.”


Peeping Around

September 28, 2009

***With tears flowing on my cheeks, I watch everyone. I watch you. I watch your every move. I know your stories. I feel your grief. I hear you cry for help. I know your next move.

While everyone was busy reposting and re-tweeting their call for help, some people decided to be the knight in shining 4×4 of the victims of typhoon Ondoy. Up in their muscular rides loaded with food, medicines, clothes, and what-have-you, some actually went out on the streets reliving the ancient spirit of Bayanihan that was started long ago by our great forefathers. But I’m neither one of them. I stayed home during the entire ordeal watching your every move. Analyzing everyone. With eyes and ears glued to every Bagyong Ondoy updates on TV, I knew what was going on. When the internet connection resurrected, I knew better. This post is gonna be a new one. They say a picture says a thousand words, and what can be more believable than pictures  to retell the story???

Ondoy Five Fast Facts:

  • Typhoon Ondoy’s international name is Ketsana.
  • It is the 15th tropical cyclone to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility, slammed into the eastern side of Luzon Island from the Pacific Ocean before noon Saturday (September 26, 2009) with maximum winds of 85 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 100 kph. (From WWF-Philippines)
  • The 15th weather disturbance that hit the Philippines in 2009 dumped a total of 455 millimeters of rain in Quezon City alone in 24 hours, compared to the 250 millimeters of rain that Hurricane Katrina brought to New Orleans in Louisiana in the United States in 2005. (From Philippine Daily Inquirer)
  • The volume of rain dumped byOndoy in barely six hours, was almost equal to the average monthly rainfall of Metro Manila – 392 millimeters. (From WWF-Philippines)
  • The Philippine capital of Manila was battered by the heaviest rainfall (Ondoy) it has experienced in over 40 years. (From WWF-Philippines)

The Victims

One word: Heartbreaking

One word: Heartbreaking



MM soaking wet

Metro Manila soaking wet

a friend's house

a friend’s house

stranded people

stranded people

destroyed properties

destroyed properties

dead body

dead body

The Help


Local actor Gerald Anderson on his very own rescue mission

Local actor Gerald Anderson on his very own rescue mission

ABS-CBN's Sagip Kapamilya volunteers

ABS-CBN’s Sagip Kapamilya volunteers

That's me while doing some repacking of goods in Marikina

That's me on the right while doing some repacking of goods in Marikina


hollywood support

Hollywood support

the power of internet

helping via tagging

plastered everywhere

plastered everywhere on the net

Ahhh!!! The power of internet, need I say more? 🙂

In every show, there are always…

The Scene-Stealers


they say her account was hacked, though

our favorite presidential son allegedly buying some expensive liquor in Katipunan during typhoon Ondoy

our favorite presidential son allegedly buying some expensive liquor in Katipunan during typhoon Ondoy

The Orcom in everything

The Press Release

Soon after the tragedy, ABS-CBN’s corporate communication department issued a press release containing their vow to be of service to the Filipino people in times like this. ABS-CBN was quick in sending their deepest condolences to the victims of typhoon Ondoy and a public statement like is true to the KAPAMILYA promise of the station.

The Corporate Social Responsibility

Many corporations responded quickly to the situation by donating their products or even cash to the victims via the Sagip Kapamilya fundraising activity hosted by Tina Monzon Palma, Fr. Tito Caluag, and Kris Aquino during the morning of September 27. Most of the corporate donors were endorsed by Star Magic talents such as Kim Chiu for Payless, Gerald Anderson for Del Monte’s Fit ‘n Right, and KC Concepcion for Garnier. Unilab, Petit Monde, Bayo, San Miguel Corporation, Flawless, Puregold, SM Save More, Asia Brewery, Bench, Penshoppe, Jollibee, Folded and Hung, Avon, and many others also contributed (cash and in kind) to help our countrymen during this very difficult time.

While some people may think that these giant corporations donate for some selfish reasons, now is not the right time to question the intention. And for those who really want to help, even if there are no cameras  rolling, please still do your part. Ondoy victims still need your help.

In times like this, please help. Set aside your personal interests and ambitions.

And as for your help:

Click here.

They are waiting for YOU.

Be a knight.

Save a life.


You might want to click here for some very helpful flood safety tips:




September 15, 2009

To you who believed,

To you who laughed,

To you who spread the virus,


This is gonna be a thank-you post for everyone who viewed, commented, and even reposted our group’s viral video. It would be very unjust to post a promotional blog then, just move on to the next project without even thanking the people who helped us garner an unbelievable number of hits. As of this writing, we already have 911 hits. I know it’s not much compared to the other videos online but, it exceeded our expectations and it’s more than enough. Just for that, we already feel blessed. 😀 Moreover, we have already stopped promoting the video and yet, the number of hits is still racking up the “charts”. YAY! Will Patrick and Ness become the next YouTube sensations? 😀 I certainly hope so. 😀

Promoting a video is no easy task. For one, I was shy to promote it at first. I know I wasn’t looking my best in the video and anyone in my situation would understand. My hair was a complete mess then, though people were saying that it was looking okay. Then I realized that the group’s interest is more valuable than my own personal one so I ate up my dignity and shamelessly posted the link on all my social networking sites. Thank God for supportive friends for without them, the video would have been nothing. They are the reason our video was a success so thanks, guys!!! And let me seal our gratitude with lots and lots of kisses! Now, I want you to press your pimple-free cheek onto the monitor and feel my virtual kiss… MWAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! (911x) That is for each and every one of you who viewed it. 😀

Learnings from the experience:

  • A fantastic video begets fantastic results. 😀
  • In times of promotions, a friend of a friend is a friend. 😀
  • The more is not always the merrier. 😀 The number of hits does not really determine the video’s success. A video is really successful if you were able to reach your target audience.

I promise that this post will be all about you. Yes, YOU. My friend. So I won’t lecture here… for now. And tomorrow, I shall (fingers crossed) pay my academic debts. I shall post an academic blog that will talk about online press release. That’s all for tonight. Goodnight and THANK YOU!!! 😀 Till my next video. :p


For His Eyes ALSO

September 5, 2009

This is how we spell cyber suicide! Hope you enjoyed watching our videoke-inspired viral video. And yes, we have a valid reason for committing cyber suicide. We have to get people’s attention! HAHAHA!  Anyway, the behind-the-scenes (BTS) boast as much drama (?) as the video above so I’m gonna be blabbing about the BTS for the rest of this blog post.

The Conceptualization

Of course, everything starts with gathering your team mates around to brainstorm till you feel like your brain’s gonna explode already, and then go home exhausted, frustrated, and unproductive. Sounds heart-breaking, right? Sometimes, you just can’t seem to get what you really want at an instant. Then you meet again, this time desperately seeking for the perfect concept that had long been elusive. Point is, conceptualization phase is the most crucial part of any production. You can’t get started sans a clear objective in mind! Do you want to entertain people? To persuade? to inform? Woah. Very Orcom. Another thing is that you have to consider your audience. Who will be your target audience? Then you have to research about these people’s likes and use it to get their approval. While doing our viral video, I realized the importance of being comfortable with your concept, with the script and all in order to be at ease during the shoot. Finally, it would be best to conduct a pre-production meeting prior to the shoot to prepare, iron out petty disagreements, finalize every detail in connection to the shoot (e.g. location, crew, actors, facilities, props, etc.).

As I’ve said, we did not arrive at our videoke concept at the blink of an eye. We had to wait until almost Thursday evening to finalize the concept. Here’s a rundown of the other concepts we considered:

  • Toilet Etiquette (A series of Public Service Announcements)
  • Spoof of Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho Sex Video (c/o Nash)
  • Music Video of Masarap Magmahal and Bakla
  • Music Video of Sinaktan Mo Ang Puso Ko

And after much deliberation, the Ikaw Na Nga Music Video won. 😀

The Shoot

I was greeted by a heavy downpour when I woke up last Friday. I got worried since most of our scenes had to be done outdoors. We prayed for a miracle. Thank God, the weather got a tad calm during the afternoon of our shoot. Five per cent of the video was shot in Gab roofdeck and the 95 per cent was in Paco Park thus, the special credits to Paco and Gab. 😀

It was drizzling when we were on our way to Paco Park. We paid an entrance fee of P5 which we promised ourselves to make sulit of it. 😀 We inspected the whole area first to find the perfect places the scenes were asking for and also for cinematography purposes. 😀 We were also lucky because there were only a few people around the area which made our shooting hassle-free. 😀 We were also happy because the security guards were cooperative. They behave every time the camera starts to roll. 😀 We started filming at around 9:30 in the morning and packed up at around two in the afternoon. Everything was hassle-free until…

The Editing

Yes. We had trouble come editing time because we couldn’t find a cooperative DVD ripper online. 😐 I was close to crying when we finally decided to use Adobe Premiere to transfer our video from the DVD to Mastina my laptop. Adobe Premiere has always been intimidating for me, but we had no choice then. The whole process of transferring the video ate almost half of our entire editing hours. But it was all worth it I guess. Edit, edit, edit, PUBLISH. Then come viewing time, you can just imagine our horror when Media Player played our video in black in white. 😐 Something’s wrong with my media player I guess because when we tried to watch it from our desktop, everything was as colorful as it should be. Our last resort was to copy the movie file to a flash disk and play it using some Good Samaritan’s laptop. 😀 Btw, thanks, boss! 😀

The Lesson

I’m gonna end this post with the lessons I learned from this experience.

  1. Start early. I know we love cramming and all but the earlier you start, the more sleep you get. 😀
  2. Always have a Plan B. If the rain didn’t stop that Friday afternoon, we wouldn’t really know what to do. So having a Plan B is always the best practice. It’s always best to be ready for some unexpected twists and turns.
  3. Learn to Compromise. I hate compromises. It’s as good as losing. :p But when you’re in a group, you have no choice but to listen to what your mates have to say. It may be the silliest idea, but hey, if it works, you will also reap the benefits. 😀
  4. Plan, Plan, Plan!!! To avoid wasted effort and resources, it’s best to lay out the entire plan before jumping into the actualization part.
  5. The Power of Coordination. Be sure that everyone is on the same page and be open to suggestions. Then before you actually carry out the plan, be sure that everyone is comfortable with it to ensure active participation from each and everyone in the group.

To my mates, cheers!!! 😀 We should have a team name, srsly. 😀

To my fellow Orcom students, congrats!!! 😀 Let’s nail that podcast presentation!!! 😀

Everyone did a great job! 😀 Fantabulous!!! 😀


It Blogs

August 31, 2009

It Blogs. That title because now blogging is no longer limited to the human race alone. Corporations also do it. Okay, the human species are still behind it but it is actually the corporation that is speaking. Sounds scary? I say exciting!


I was Googling the top corporate blogs in the country when I stumbled upon this site. Okay, I’m not a fan of Vicki, er, Victoria Belo (she recently said that she now wants to be called by her real name) but I don’t like her either. I mean with all the scandals tarnishing her image and reputation of her clinic, what does her corporate blog has that made it win an award? So I click on it right away completely forgetting the real reason I hopped online.

Gah. You can just imagine how disappointed I was when I browsed almost the entire site. Let me enumerate the thing I hate about it. Three things:

  1. PURPOSE. The blog only serves advertising purposes.
  2. CONTENT. The blog boasts a lot of gorgeous famous personalities in the local showbiz and… Ohmygosh, that’s all there is to it. The blog is nothing but a photo gallery of their celebrity endorsers.
  3. FOCUS. The administrators of the blog only comment on price inquiries. The very focus of the blog is to sell their services. It’s like a TVC/RC/print ad disguising as a corporate blog. Still, very profit-centered. Questions will be answered by the template “It would be best to have a consultation first with one of our doctors.”

Okay, I’m not an expert on corporate blogging, per se, but you don’t actually have to be an expert on it to point out what’s good and what’s not. I mean, what are the criteria for judging? The frequency of updates? Okay, let’s give them a credit for keeping the site updated. The number of beautiful bodies that grace the blog? They have Piolo and Dingdong and they were enough to keep my heart pounding. But seriously, what are the criteria for judging? C’mon guys. Is the Belo Medical Group (BMG) the only local company that maintains a corporate blog? Maybe. LOL.


Suggestions for BMG:

  1. MIND YOUR CONTENT. Instead of wasting web space on excessive pictures which are actually not blog-worthy, why not try to post some tips to help your valuable clients maintain their perfectly engineered bodies? 😉
  2. COMMENT. Reply on the comments! I don’t care if it’s those are corporate manipulated comments or what at least try to strike up a conversation. Make your future clients feel that BMG is worthy of their penny. If BMG can help you online, what more in the flesh?
  3. MIND THE CLIMATE. Make an extra effort to have a client-centric feel on the site. The corporate blog fails to encourage people to actually communicate with the brand. The blog clearly lacks that welcoming atmosphere and it appears as if BMG is sooo hungry for clients. Case in point, instead of having BELO MEDICAL GROUP HELP DESK reply on some of the comments, why not use a real name to add a personal touch on the blogs? Or create a character to whom they can identify themselves with. This way a lot more women can relate to it and feel as if they are talking to a real friend.

But on second thought, they already won an award? Will they care to listen to any of my suggestions? LOL.


Okay now on the brighter side, the corporate blog of Coca-Cola is totally awesome. No wonder it landed a spot on 10 Best Fortune 500 Blogs. The things I love about the blog:

  1. The administrator of the blog really revealed himself on the About This Blog section. He’s very welcoming and makes the readers feel that the blog is for them.
  2. The blog is very transparent. The section House Rules made it very clear that some of the comments are edited, and comments that are deemed offensive and inappropriate will never be allowed to be posted. Okay I’m talking too much, I suggest that you just take a trip to the blog and be ready to be awed.
  3. I like how Coca-Cola markets their product by making it a part of pop culture. And it is very evident in their blog posts. Selling a brand has never been this natural. 🙂
  4. The post about a certain recipe is quite fun. It’s nice to know that the blog really has something new to contribute online. I hope Belo gets to read this. LOL. Going back to Coca-Cola, they get to sell their product while we get to learn a new recipe. Nothing beats a mutual relationship. 😉coke

So the question is, How did Coca-Cola made it to the 10 Best Fortune 500 Blogs?

Want to create your corporate blog the Fortune 500 way? Here are some tips from PROBLOGGER:

(Thanks to Problogger, but I own the explanation, though)

  1. Determine if blogging is a good fit for your company. Study the target market. It is important to know if you can really reach your market via this communication tool.
  2. Determine if your company is willing to invest in a blog. Hiring people to take care of the aesthetics of the blog can be costly. Also, investment here is not only limited in financial context. More importantly, be ready to invest time and effort.
  3. Create a strategy. Before joining the bandwagon, be sure to lay out the plans that will guide the company towards corporate blogging. Just like a communication plan, a blog needs the key elements like objective, goals, evaluation measures, etc.
  4. Ensure that everyone is on the same page. For something to be successful, first it has to be successful internally. It is important to guarantee support from the key players so that when a crisis comes, it will be easier to fix things.
  5. Determine the Involvement of PR. PR practioners should know how the blog works or else come crisis time, fixing the corporate mess can be really hard. Moreover, since corporate blogging involves the public, getting back up from people who really knows the public can be really helpful.
  6. Select Bloggers. Decide whether the blog will be authored by different persons or not. It actually depends upon the need of the company. If the company offers a lot of products or services, then it may be advisable to assign people according to their product expertise. The Coca-Cola corporate blogs are being authored by a single guy only and judging by the recognition gained by the blog, the man must have been really doing something great. The blogger can either be the CEO or someone from the corporate communications team. What matters most is that the blogger knows what he/she is writing about and can draw a good number of audience share.
  7. Train the Bloggers. It’s all about form and substance. The blogger’s writing style should be watched. The blog will carry the name of the company so every word, every category, and every minute detail should be carefully considered. For security purposes, it is advisable to come up with a corporate blogging policy that would guide the bloggers as they write.
  8. Writing Posts. Keeping the blogs updated is the key to keeping your audience. Press releases can do harm to a corporate blog. People want something that is dedicated for them and for them alone. Talking about the company activities the whole time may just bore them and cause them to eventually veer away from the site. For example, if you are an electric company, posting power-saving techniques can do wonders.
  9. Realize that the Blog doesn’t need a tone. Companies may employ different bloggers thus giving the blogs different attacks, different styles which are actually great. It gives variety and people love variety. Say no to boredom!
  10. Editing. Some companies do not require the bloggers to submit their works to the higher-ups but when they do, they have some editing process to follow. Here are some of the editing processes corporations actually employ:

Possible Editing Processes:
Blogger > Editor > Blogger > Editor > Publish
Blogger > Editor > Publish
Blogger > Publish

11. Establish a Comment Policy. The Coca-Cola blog has this one and it can be found on their site. Having a comment policy would regulate the comments and would discourage people from actually posting offensive and inappropriate comments.

12. Develop a Promotion Strategy. What’s a fantastic blog without an audience? Research to know the sites your audience frequents to know how and where you can promote your corporate blog. Are they on Facebook? Myspace? Do they visit Youtube? Knowing these things can speed up the success of the blog.

13. Establish a Measurement Program. Finally, assess whether the corporate blog is worth the company’s time or not. Develop evaluation measures that would determine the outcome of the blog. It can be the number of hits, comments, RSS subscriptions, etc. Submitting a monthly report about the corporate blog’s performance is advisable.

Hope you learned something! Here’s to corporate blogging in the future! WEE!


Pimping Orcom

August 17, 2009

We are free to talk about anything and everything under the sun as long as it’s related to Organizational Communication (Orcom). Er, so we’re not really free, eh? HAHA. I usually get poetic when I talk about something/ someone I really love. So, i choose to express my love for Orcom by composing this wonderful poem. HAHA. This is my blog so I can say whatever I want, :p NO HOLDS BARRED. The last time I wrote a poem was a very looong time ago. And you guessed it right. It’s for a boylet. HAHA. Anyway, this poem may not be Shakespeare-esque but I am so proud of it because it’s dedicated for the current love of my life— Organizational Communication. Happy reading!!! 😀

I am Organizational Communication

UP Manila is my birthplace,

It is where the brilliant mind stays.

Here, I shine the brightest,

My products are sure to be the best.

I am Organizational Communication.

I am not guided by brothers nor archers,

Only by high caliber professors.

More than radical, they are critical,

Shivers they give their rival.

I am Organizational Communication.

Theories, boring theories,

My practitioners make them exciting.

In the corporate world they compete,

Armed with superb skills to put up a great feat.

I am Organizational Communication.

Mixing business with pleasure,

Every business meeting is made more fun.

Creative ideas are treasured,

Leaving every deal a sure done.

I am Organizational Communication.


Organizational Communication in the Philippines started in the prestigious University of the Philippines Manila in 1984. Located in the heart of the health sciences center of the University, OrCom have proven itself worthy to be sharing the campus with the other equally prestigious courses. Orcom has its own way of standing out from the rest, thanks to its incredible faculty and cunning students. We talk sense and more importantly, we can deliver well. We give life to form and substance. When there’s a report going on, you would know if it’s being reported by an Orcom student by just looking at the powerpoint presentation. It’s usually clean, concise and sophisticatedly done. Moreover, if the reporters are well-dressed, er, looking preppy, there’s no way it couldn’t be Orcom. Another clue, if ever the report is started by a video, trust me, all signs point to Orcom. And the leave-behinds? I could still remember when Jena and I had this report in Natsci5 (Ethnobotany). We were both clueless then about Microsoft Publisher but we wanted the leave-behinds to be brochure-type complete with illustrations and elaborate designs. We obvs had no choice but to tinker with Publisher. Thankfully, our efforts yielded a beautiful yet simple brochure. Disappointedly, our non-Orcom classmates then when it was their turn to report did not even care if the leave-behinds they gave us were not even readable due to poor photocopying quality. We were two groups of Orcom students in that class and true enough, our classmates were able to experience two presentations in true Orcom fashion.


The UP Orcom professors are no saints. Some may not even go to church regularly. And some may not care about the latest UAAP standing of our very own University. But come to think of it, do these things really matter? They may not be the most religious people but, they don’t talk shit. They are politically-inclined, they know the stock market, and some even know the latest fashion. They seem to always have an opinion on something. They know a lot of things. They sure know that information is power. 😉


Being competent in different fields such as marketing, advertising, public relations and what-have-you, the Orcom graduates turn out to be valuable assets to the company they work with. However, because of the diverse fields which await Orcom majors after graduation, people label them as jack of all trades, master of none. But now that we’re in a global battlefield, being skilled in different fields is a plus point. Now we say, jack of all trades, challenge anyone? 😀

On success:

When I say we mix business with pleasure, it’s not what you think it is. We, the Orcom students, just know how to enjoy while at the same time working. We know how to squeeze in some booze session in the middle of a very demanding week. We work hard, but we party harder. Our lives are like exciting just like that. 😉

Being an Orcom student is, indeed, a very tough career. It’s not always chocolates and roses. It can be a love-hate relationship, too. To get a grade of flat one, you def have to work your butt off. If it requires being a zombie, then go be a zombie. There are times when you wanna give up and get back to your frozen showbiz career. There are times when you just wanna sleep forever. There are times when you just wanna stay still and take time to smell the flowers. But hey, it’s all part of the learning process. All these successful business tycoons didn’t amass their fortune overnight. The thought of possibly conquering the world and putting up my own empire just made me wanna bitchslap myself for having the guts to even think about giving up. Because I SHALL NOT. I know I have yet to learn a multitude of things. I have yet to improve my craft. And there is still a lot to explore. And after getting a diploma I know the learning does not stop there. The Orcom blood would still continue to run through my veins as I enter the workplace and apply the Orcom principles.

There you go. HAHA. Btw, special thanks to Ms. Ingrid Cudia for the wonderful and insightful talk about search engine optimization. Learned a lot, got inspired, and got pressured (in a good way, though). 😀


Truth be BOLD

July 27, 2009

Notice the copy of Globe Broadband’s latest TVC. Aside from the fact that Globe’s trying to convert a want to a need (which I think all ads are guilty of), they are also communicating the wonders of New Social Media (NSM) and eventually used it to their advantage to entice people to avail their latest internet connection service. Let me quote a few interesting lines:

• This is just not your bedroom; this is the stage where the world discovers you.
• This is not just your blog; it’s the next big bestseller.
• This online album, it’s the next multi-million peso business.
• You’re future, now showing on Globe Broadband.

See, collaboration is everywhere. You can be the next Charice Pempengco (it’s not like it’s a bad thing) and Youtube can be your road to superstardom. Before, NSM is just another geeky stuff, but now, there’s no escaping it. Even giant corporations are banking on it. And can you just imagine your future in the virtual world? How do you see yourself in the virtual world two to five years from now? Are you gonna be a Perez Hilton? Or a Paris Hilton famous for her sex tape? Or a bigtime and respected blogger?

Commwhore caveat:
Our success lies on our hands alone. While NSM can do wonders, it can only do so much. It can just facilitate the speedier spread of information. So go on rehearse that song before you commit social suicide which will be witnessed by just about millions of Youtube users, create a blog that would inspire people, and take photographs only at the most flattering angle.

And the biggest question is:
What’s gonna be your claim to fame? 😉


The Wiki Workplace: In a bombshell

July 23, 2009

Internet is everywhere. It’s been a prerequisite for every coffee shop to offer free wi-fi connection to their customers in return of the cheapest java in the smallest of size that will be enjoyed, shared and consumed by not less than three people in more than five hours. (Hello, Orcom mates! :D) Not only that, even motels’ ads (cough, Sogo, cough) boast free wi-fi connection with high hopes that their loyal customers slash new social media buff would flock the place more often than ever and eventually save their dying financial statement. Or even yuppies with raging hormones who always want to get the best of both worlds. Work then, play? Nah-uh. I say, work AND play.

New Social Media and the Confessional Society

New social media encourages us to be confessional. The society we’re living in, indeed, has become a confessional one. We vent out our frustrations on Twitter, we rant on Myspace, and we update our friends in Facebook. We reveal updates that are kinda cute, say, “My crush asked me out to dinner tonight!” or uninhibited, like, “I just met the best fubu ever at the bar yesterday,” or more than we ever wanted to know, like, “I just took a pee.” Suddenly, it’s like everything we do become worth sharing. Unfortch, we sometimes forget the real value of sharing. We flood our web spaces with nonsensical whines when we can churn out inspirational posts and sensible read.

New Social Media As a Fuel

Telecommunications is not the only industry thriving in this new social media era. While the higher ups are encouraging their subordinates to try new social media, internet cafes, coffee shops, and even mobile phone manufacturers, to name a few, are benefiting from this trend. Students and yuppies, alike, frequent Starbucks or Coffee Bean not because of their famous java, but because of the free wi-fi connection. While the cozy ambience and the delish selection of gourmet coffee drive people to these coffee shop giants, having a free wi-fi connection is big come-on. Before, only coffee shops offer free wi-fi connection, but after seeing the benefits these coffee shops are reaping from this craze, fast food chains immediately followed the lead.

Before, there was 5110— the tacky phone. Then came 7650— the camera phone. Fastforward to present there’s iphone, and other sophisticated mobile phones boasting more than just simple call and text features. As implied in the wiki workplace, you always have to be in the loop. Whether you are in the comfort room, on a romantic date with an officemate, or in the movies, it is imperative that your colleagues can reach you and vice versa. Wikinomics brings work out of the workplace. Now, having a phone that allows only calls and texts is deemed useless. But parading a phone equipped with features allowing web connection sends the message of professionalism and reliability. While some may choose a Blackberry over some overrated Nokia phone because of status symbol concerns, carrying a phone which allows you to send more than just SMS is a plus in the wiki workplace. Creativity can strike any time, so while you’re at it, it’s comforting to know that you’re equipped with the right contraption for sharing. Trends show the need of people for convenient, mobile, and dependable connection. The wiki trend really can fuel the economy and keep it afloat in its own little way.

New Social Media… A killer?

They say new social media proliferates piracy. While it can kill an industry or two, it also can give birth to new industries. And like humans, new social media can’t please everybody. But with rate things are going, new social media is the way to go! 😀


Pressure cooker

May 23, 2010

“The road of life twists and turns and

no two directions are ever the same.

Yet our lessons come from the journey,

not the destination.”

– Don Williams, Jr.

The journey starts tomorrow. In less than 24 ours from now, I will start training for one of the world’s top pharmaceutical company. I tell you, being with the best in the industry is actually scary. So here are just some of the preparations I did during the past few days.

1. I reread the William Strunk’s Elements of Style. It’s easy to read and easy on the pocket. And when I say easy on the pocket, I mean it’s handy. And  I think I’m gonna bring it on the office everyday. Even communicologists need some refresher course every now and then.

2. I reread Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. The book is actually good. I love reading it. But really you don’t need a manual on how to gain more friends. You just have to be yourself. It’s just that Dale Carnegie’s book serves as a reminder of the things we almost always forget— treat people the way you would want to be treated.

3. I visited the company’s website almost every night. Being knowledgeable of the company’s humble beginning makes me feel comfortable. It reminds me that everything started from scratch as I myself would have to start from scratch given that my course in college is somewhat not related to the career path I would want to take.

I find my preparations somehow boring. I just reread books I have already read before. I think that being under-prepared is just my defense mechanism. I am just starting to feel rejuvenated d and here I am jumping into another stressful chapter of my life.

So, what can I say, good bye, bum life, hello, training!

Btw, I forgot to prepare my body clock. Ugh. I seriously have to wake up at 5am tomorrow cause I’m taking the bus and my dad just won’t drive me to Makati. I’m a big girl now. Bye bye, daddy’s girl, hello, independent woman!


AYLWYN FOR THE WIN! http://casting.benetton.com/

February 27, 2010

Hi, guys! The commwhore’s back.

I am back to invite all of you to be a part of the success of a soon-to-be Pinoy pride. 🙂

Pls vote for my friend Aylwyn Maria who joined Benetton’s Global Casting Competition. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Pinay as a winner? 🙂 All you have to do is sign up here. Don’t worry, it’s just easy.

Thank you very much, friends! :-*